They Think Boys Menstruate And They Want To Control Your Community.

The urban DFL strikes again at Greater Minnesota with over 2 dozen members introducing a bill to ban mining on state lands in the Rainy River headwater area. Showing their true colors that they want to control our communities and our livelihoods.

One of the legislators that has introduced the bill that would kill 2000 new well paying mining jobs is Rep. Sandra Feist who stated early this session that “Not all students that menstruate are female” during a committee hearing for a bill that would require feminine products be provide in school bathrooms. Never forget this is the mindset of the people that think they know what’s best for you and your community.

This is the same group that wants to keep a file on you for “hateful incidents”. Do you really believe that they won’t consider opposing their control of your community a “hateful incident”?

This group will soon waste your state surplus on their pet projects. Giving you little to nothing back. While also working to destroy our local economies with their green agenda. They will only care when the money runs out.

With nearly everyone in this group being from the Metro it is becoming clear that those in Greater Minnesota will never get a chance to say what should happen in their own communities. The DFL is a on a mission to push their agenda, and that agenda doesn’t involve us being prosperous.

Find out more about the bill here.

Read the bill here.

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Minnesota House Committee Calls For Dismantling Oppressive Systems.

During a Economic Development Finance and Policy Committee hearing members of the DFL Party called for dismantling oppressive systems during a a land and labor acknowledgment. Watch the acknowledgment for yourself below.

Sadly the oppressive system they speak of is not the one that attacks your freedoms or the one that shut down businesses and churches in the name of fighting COVID. It’s not even the one that is set to steal YOUR state surplus. Their idea of a oppressive system is nothing but a virtue signaling delusion.

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The Madness Has Arrived.

The madness has arrived and it’s not even the worst of it. Check out this small sample of crazy from the last few days.

The DFL is attempting to make it legal to knowingly transmit AIDS or any other possibly deadly disease to someone. ➡️See the bill here⬅️

The DFL is attempting to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants while they brag about already voting! What do you think is going to happen after they are given government ids?

They are doing the above while also promoting the delusion that “Not all students that menstruate are female.”.

Sadly this is just the start. A lot worse and more impactful legislation has already been filed! Ranging from gun control to renewable energy mandates. The renewable energy mandates alone will increase electric bills on average by $1640 per year.

They will soon waste your surplus on their “One Minnesota” agenda and raise your taxes once the money is gone.

The only thing we can do now is not be silent. We must keep an eye on them, and let them know when their crazy is showing. Our state’s future depends on it.

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MN House Bill Would Repeal Law Against Knowingly Infecting Someone With AIDS or Other Deadly Diseases.

Minnesota HF267 was recently introduced by the leader of the DFL party’s queer caucus, and if the bill is passed it will repeal a law that made it a crime to knowingly infect someone with AIDs or any other infectious disease that could cause serious illness or death.

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Video: Illegal Immigrants Are Voting In Minnesota.

During testimony for Minnesota House bill HF 4 a bill which would give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants a testifier stated that they are already voting.   Going on to say that they are in those chairs because of them and if they do not pass this bill they will vote them out.

Check out the video below.

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Not A Overall Victory, But We Are Stronger With A Path Forward.

(Post from Jay Duggan of Rocks and Cows of Minnesota)


We have lots to be thankful for, even if the DFL swept statewide offices.
We flipped the Iron Range and the Northland. Majority Republican representation. Rocks & Cows did their job and voted in the Northland.

*Roger Skraba, The Official Mayor of Rocks & Cows Country (and Mayor of Ely) won House 3A from Beaver Bay to Grand Portage to I Falls and back again.

*Natalie Zeliznikar beat 40 yr incumbent Mary Murphy in 3B to represent Hermantown, Proctor, Two Harbors and Rice Lake.

*Jeff Dotseth claimed the 11A seat from the DFL winning Carlton County (Moose Lake & Cloquet) and parts of Pine and St Louis.

*Jim Joy filled the seat of retiring DFL Rep Marquart to flip Detroit Lakes, Hawley, and Dillworth

That’s +4 before the metro meltdown.

Many good folks were reelected, but Krista Knudson and Mike Weiner won House 5a/5b sending solid conservatives to replace folks with less fight. Dawn Gillman of Let Them Play won her House race for McLeod County, Cokato and Darwin areas and Glen Gruenhagen was elected senator for that area too. Walter Hudson for State Representative replaced Eric Lucero who moved on to the Senate to win putting Wright County at the front of the issues battles. Senate 10 was a victory for Nathan Wesenberg for Senate and Bill Lieske in Senate 58 won, sending 2 staunch conservatives to speak for Rocks & Cows values in St Paul and stop the same old same old. Overall the victories we had made the house and senate both more conservative and results oriented.

The biggest victories were local elections to put a conservative stamp on govt in our own backyards. Over 50 of the Parent Endorsed school board candidates on the were elected. A special shout out to Anna Manecke, Dave Wall, and Justin Hoover in Bemidji to win half the board in one vote, the 3 for 3 sweep in Sartell with Jenn Smith & company, Mindy and John Anderson in Elk River, 2 for 2 in Sauk Rapids for Dan Johnson and Lisa Loidolt, 3 for 3 in Centennial with Gloria Murphy, Knisley and Johnson, and big wins in Pine Island, Prior Lake, Brainerd, Alex, Rock Ridge, Greenway, New Prague, the Faribault patriots Linda Moore and Lynda Boudreau, and many many more.

County boards across the state added patriots like Bret Sample and Travis Leiviska in Aitkin, Kristi LaRowe and others in Isanti, and Ryan Shea won Sheriff in Freeborn County with the votes of folks that want an independent Sheriff that looks out for them. Many city councils added patriots like Jed Holewa in Chisholm. If you don’t build a community of conservatives with local connections you have no advantage past the issues in higher elections.

We can build a durable winning Republican Party with a farm team of quality conservative candidates, campaign experience, and a system to build and use more effective data if we continue to build from the bottom up. We started way too late, but now have a proven outline to grow and build power and effectiveness if the party will institutionalize it.

We also want to thank those incumbent representatives and senators that understood local races build our party and that campaigning with and for them builds everybody up for victories too. Hopefully they will spread the word more folks involved and invested means better support going forward.

If County parties spent more time growing the party locally and less investing time and money into incumbent protection we would have better incumbents, an agenda that didn’t need defending against constituents, and we would have stronger candidates with more support back home leaving us money and resources left over to attack in places we need to win.

There are bright spots going forward. Doesn’t mean the DFL won’t go full on commie, they will, but we can turn it around.

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The DFL Agenda is Coming. Brace for Impact.

The DFL now controls all three branches of our state government.

This is in part the fault of our state’s Republican establishment. With some Republicans appearing to put more effort into attacking endorsed Republican candidates who were simply antiestablishment, conservative, pro-liberty candidates. Than trying to beat DFL candidates. A Republican State Rep. Tony Jurgens even endorsed a DFL candidate for State Senate. Now we are left to deal with the aftermath of their terrible decisions.

This is not the DFL party of your grandparents or even the party of former DFL Senator Tom Bakk. The moderate and rural voices of the old DFL are all, but gone. This DFL party is now a group of urban elitist who will stop at nothing to see their radical leftist agenda push upon us.

The bills to push their agenda have all been written already simply waiting for a time when they can be shoved through. With the Republicans no longer controlling the Senate their time is now here. They will push through gun control, anti-mining regulations, red flag laws, universal pre-k, CRT, tax increases, extreme pro-abortion laws, mass mail in ballots, mandatory vaccinations, and much more. It’s possible they will not get it all, but the initial push will be fast and hard in the first few months. With the rest being accomplished incrementally in hopes people will not notices.

The 12 billion dollar surplus will be gone. The citizens of Minnesota will not get their money back. Instead it will be given to groups like Education Minnesota in the name of fully funding education before it is eventually funneled back to the DFL party itself.

There will be no meaningful action taken on past scams like the day-care fraud or COVID relief scams. Instead those same groups of grifters will now find a new scam to steal even more of our tax dollars.

The DFL will also work to finalize their extreme regulations on farming and mining. In attempt to achieve their environmental goals. This will accomplish nothing, but put even more stress on the Rocks and Cows regions of our state, and endanger our local economies in the process.

The only possible way to stop them from accomplishing their full agenda is to shine light on it. We must all watch closely what is happening in St. Paul. We cannot afford to stay silent. We need to continue to expose them, and encourage others to speak up. It will take a lot of voices to get them to second guess their plans. We must also encourage our local officials to stand up to the overreaching government in St. Paul and ask them to nullify any unconstitutional laws forced upon us.

It’s going to be a tough road, but only way to ensure defeat is to roll over.

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Sheriff Candidate Gordon Ramsey Is A Trainwreck Waiting To Happen…Again.

Article from Jay Duggan –



Walking management chaos and St Louis County Sheriff candidate, Gordon Ramsey, stands accused of criminal perjury and getting the City of Wichita sued over firing the accuser is just the latest of episodes that likely drove him out as Police Chief in Wichita. Gordon Ramsey spent his tenure there focusing publicly on political “equity” and BLM-style community relations, and dodging police shooting or officer malfeasance incidents and investigations and charges of glossing over the affairs.

There were several police shootings of unarmed minority ppl in Wichita under Gordan Ramsey’s leadership. One was the shooting of an unarmed man “SWAT’ed” by online gamers, and his family is still suing right now –

His officers also tasered and then shot an unarmed man they said “was not following orders”, and another cop was investigated for off-duty assault. NOBODY was ever disciplined for any of the cases and Gordon Ramsey is quoted from a court deposition as having a lack of confidence in his own internal investigation department and shuffled people to fix it. The left is hopping mad that Gordon seemed to admit internal investigations were shoddy but he did nothing about it and fired nobody over it –

What is the truth? Now we find Gordon Ramsey is involved in a lawsuit again. This time City of Wichita is getting sued by a former Wichita Police internal affairs detective that says he was disciplined and eventually fired by Gordon Ramsey FOR REPORTING TO THE DA & SHERIFF HE BELIEVED RAMSEY LIED IN COURT DEPOSITIONS about internal affairs investigation practices and actions surrounding the police shootings of an unarmed man. The newest lawsuit and affidavit by former Detective Oldridge also alleges (thru his submitted evidence and copied information he received and submitted from Capt. Nicholson of Wichita PD) that Gordon Ramsey: hid internal investigations or formal accusations of some police wrongdoing from the city govt and the citizen’s oversight board until he had papered over them, ignored a police employee giving inside investigation information on their cases to the criminals detained in the jail, failed to act on several formal accusations of sexual harassment and eventually had the accused harasser do an investigation of HIMSELF, and that Ramsey had approved hacking an anonymous internal survey and interview series from the Wichita University to gauge dept morale and opinion on leadership. Allegedly Ramsey wanted to know who criticized or made disparaging comments about Ramsey and leadership, so they could be disciplined or dismissed. Just, WOW! None of the accusations have been heard in open court yet to verify, but if only 10% proves out Gordon Ramsey shouldn’t even be a mall cop. The Memo and Affidavit of Larry Oldridge vs. Wichita that contain his assertions of evidence accusing Gordon Ramsey of retaliation firing are here –

Was his influence on internal affairs the reason nobody was ever disciplined or fired over abuse of force activity and internal affairs officers were moved around? To protect Ramsey’s very public and political “equity” agenda for the Wichita Police? This internal affairs officer’s wife and another WPD employee already sued over discriminatory firing or promotion practices and retaliation under Ramsey’s leadership-

Wichita City Hall recently discovered a “troubling” string of racially charged text messages between WPD officers under Gordon Ramsey showing lax oversight under Ramsey and officers making light of officer involved shootings around the time of the George Floyd riots. The City Administrator claims Ramsey knew of them and never reported the texts to official city channels or disciplined anybody upon his discovery. Gordon Ramsey last month replied to these revelations accusing the city of being the offending and irresponsible party in the whole affair, saying it was their management of the PD that needed investigation –

Gordon Ramsey was on the short list last year for Austin Texas Police Chief, because his “equity” politics appealed to the Democrat kook HQ for Texas, but he didn’t make the cut (because of the bubbling cesspool of disasters about to catch up with him?) and he was not hired. It appears Gordon Ramsey was worried all these Wichita Police Dept investigations and lawsuits were going to end his time anyways so he “retired” as Wichita Police Chief. He told the news he was retiring to slow down and have less responsibility because “..Police Chief is a demanding lifestyle and all too often family comes second.” So he quit and almost immediately came to Duluth to run for St Louis County Sheriff (cuz a county the size of Delaware will be a lower stress less responsibility job?) –

GORDON RAMSEY IS A WALKING TRAINWRECK AND WILL DESTROY COUNTY PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT. He could be spending a lot of time in Kansas courtrooms in the near future, and his management practices and track record could open the St Louis County Board up to more expensive legal liability. If Austin Texas didn’t want him, and Witchita was likely getting ready to blame him for disasterous police leadership and oversight, WHY WOULD ROCKS & COWS COUNTRY WANT HIM? 

Say no to Gordon. Rocks & Cows don’t need to import a bad risk from Kansas to be Sheriff. We already have a professional qualified candidate that demands modern technology and training, more citizen involvement, strict and equal law enforcement, and public transparency, right here at home. A real Sheriff from the community, for the community, could look something like this –

And we thought Gordon Ramsey was simply an “equity” agenda focused DFL politician. That agenda by itself is controversial after seeing implemented results in the metro, but adding in this string of discovered bad management and cover-up accusations just makes his whole candidacy a raging dumpster fire even the DFL should run from. Trainwreck.


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Emails to Walz’s COVID Snitch Line Released.

Thanks to Nathan Hansen’s FOI request. We can now view the emails sent to Governor Walz’s COVID-19 snitch line.

They are everything we expected. Never forget that these are Governor Walz’s supporters. They don’t believe in freedom or personal responsibility.

Here are a few highlights.

Nathan Hansen is continuing to add emails. They can be found here or below.

Who is Deleting Carnahan’s Scandals Off of Wikipedia?

Someone is deleting Jennifer Carnahan’s scandals off of her Wikipedia ahead of a possible run for her husband the late Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s seat.

The anonymous user deleted all mention of the recording in which a drunk Jennifer Carnahan talked about Congressman Hagedorn’s coming death. Also deleted were all mentions of the Anton Lazzaro scandal, and her resignation as MNGOP Chairwoman.

It appears someone wants us to forget about these events, but we won’t. For those that need a refresher on the scandals or have yet to learn about them below are links to find out more.

Audio of Carnahan on Congressman Hagedorn’s coming death.

Donor Anton Lazzaro arrested for sex trafficking.

Carnahan used non-disclosure agreements to silence opposition.

For more on Jennifer Carnahan and other developments follow Rebecca Brannon on twitter.