26% of African American Babies in Minnesota Aborted in 2021!

Data released by the Minnesota Department of Health shows 26% of African American pregnancy in Minnesota were aborted in 2021. As well as 22% of multi racial pregnancies! In fact 19% of all minority pregnancies were aborted in 2021. With a total of 9,127 innocent children being aborted in 2021 according to the annual report. Which is 12% of all pregnancies.

Data shared by Bill Glahn

We will let the data speak for itself. Only adding that there is a great injustice happening to the African Americans as well as other minorities in Minnesota, and it is abortion.

The DFL party would have you believe that it is police brutality, an offensive flag, or some other form of inequality. Don’t let them fool you this is the result of their policies. That they proudly push for and brag about.

They are the party of death, and their recent push to legalize assisted suicide proves that. If they can’t get the person at the beginning of life they will find away to get them at some other point.

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