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26% of African American Babies in Minnesota Aborted in 2021!

Data released by the Minnesota Department of Health shows 26% of African American pregnancy in Minnesota were aborted in 2021. As well as 22% of multi racial pregnancies! In fact 19% of all minority pregnancies were aborted in 2021. With a total of 9,127 innocent children being aborted in 2021 according to the annual report. […]

Survey: Native Americans are not offended by original Minnesota Flag.

A survey conducted by American Indian Coalition shows the narrative that the Minnesota state flag is offensive and there is an uproar demanding change is just another false narrative spread by extreme white suburban progressives in the DFL to divide the public. American Indian Coalition volunteers, coordinated by organization President Raul Estrada, completed a simple […]

Republican Senator Housley Drops Support for Gun Control Bill.

After originally signing on to the unconstitutional gun control bill SF 4312 Republican Senator Housley has now been stricken from the bill. This comes after ourselves and other many groups called out Senator Housley for supporting the unconstitutional law which would make it a crime if your firearms are not stored in a government approved […]

Videos: Migrant Crisis has Arrived in Minnesota.

For those that remember this comes as no surprise. It was reported back in January that New York would be sending some of the excess migrants to Minnesota. Now that the DFL PARTY is working to push Minnesota into becoming a sanctuary state look for numbers to only increase more. As some willing come to […]

Corrupt Politicians & Unions Behind Ploy to Require License to Paint.

We are lead to believe by the DFL that this move to regulate certain paints, and require a license is simply them acting in our best interest. However, only taking a quick glance below the surface it is clear that isn’t the case. Politicians like Senate Majority Leader, Erin Murphy and unions like IUPAT DC […]

Michigan/Iowa Style Beverage Containers Refund Program Coming to Minnesota?

A Michigan/ Iowa style beverage container program could be coming to Minnesota in 2026 as Minnesota House of Representatives takes first steps. HF 3200 has been added to the agenda of the Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy committee of the Minnesota House. The bill would add a surcharge to all bottles and cans […]

Taxpayers will Pay to Relocate LGBTQ+ People to Minnesota.

A bill introduced into the Minnesota House will provide $1,000,000 to help LGBTQ people and their families relocate to Minnesota. HF 3386 is nothing, but an attempt to bring in more radical leftist voters on your dime. Help keep us in the fight! Donate now! Save our state flag. Sign the petition by clicking the […]

Minnesota Democrats Introduce Gun Ban!

Minnesota Democrats introduce bill to ban the sale or transfer of “semiautomatic military-style assault weapons”. The following types of firearms are currently on list to be banned. As well as any gun that meets the following criteria. Gun List Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK-47) semiautomatic rifle Beretta AR-70 and BM-59 semiautomatic rifle Colt AR-15 semiautomatic rifle Daewoo […]

DFL Tax Chair Appears Court Side with Lobbyist.

Nick Majerus breaks down how the DFL Minnesota House Tax Chairwoman was seen sitting court side at Gopher basketball game with two lobbyists who have business before her committee this year. Like Nick we have some serious questions. Be sure to give Nick a follow and support his work. His office was recently attacked! Sign […]