Get involved in the process today to promote freedom and prosperity for all!

Become a Volunteer.

  • Help spread our message by handing out literature.
  • Help with future events.
  • Help assist local organizers.

Become a Delegate.

  • Delegates will attend the February 2022 caucuses.
  • Our delegates will determine the endorsed MNGOP candidates.

Become a Organizer.

  • Help us organize delegates.
  • Help us locate and support local candidates.
  • Help us organize and run events to support local candidates.

Become a Candidate.

  • We are looking for candidates at all levels. From the state senate all the way down to city council.
  • Our candidates will run for endorsement and primaries when needed.
  • We will assist you during the whole process.
  • We will do the heavy lifting our delegates will endorse you!


If you can’t get involved at this time please consider donating. Your donation will help us keep the MN Senate, flip the MN House, and support local candidates.


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