COVIDaware App will Become Mandatory. Either Through Government Order or Corporate Requirement.

Today Governor Walz unveiled a new volunteer contract tracing app (COVIDaware MN). The app tracks the users location and automatically notifies users if they have been exposed to COVID-19.

The app just increases the ability of the state to track compliance with Walz’s executive orders. As they have already admitted to using cell towers pings to track social distancing compliance.

Though the app claims you will be anonymous. You will not be to the ones that just gave themselves the power to fine or throw those who do not comply into jail for up to 90 days.

The app is currently voluntary, but once the number of cases fail to fall for the actions of Governor Walz’s “pause”. Talk will shift to the mandatory app usage for reopening to occur. Unless we say no to this infringement of our rights now!

The time is coming when you will not be able to shop, travel, or even work without this app. Whether it is made mandatory by the Walz Administration or through requirements from major corporations is yet to be seen. Either way the result is the same, less freedoms for the citizens of Minnesota.

Remember this and stand up for your rights now!

Establishment Republicans Flee, While the “Rocks and Cows“ Step Up for Hugo

Tomorrow 8-22 at 10am there will be a unity rally in Hugo, MN. The rally is in response to DFL’s Minnesota House Candidate John Thompson’s comments during last weeks protest at Bob Krolls house.

However, this rally almost didn’t happen as the original organizers/speakers backed out at the first signs of trouble from possible bad actors. Below you can see the original flyer and the last minute announcements of the Republican state Senator and then two Minnesota house candidates:

Since the announcements above a number of great patriots and “rocks and cows” have stepped in to fill the void left by the retreating.

The Reverend Timothy Christopher from Shepherds Works Charity in North Minneapolis will give the introduction to the speaker, and the opening prayer. This will be followed by many speakers who have stepped up to the plate.

Including people like The Minnesota State Senate Candidate for district 67 Alexander Deputie. Which is the same area that DFL candidate John Thompson is from. Groups like Magasota have also stepped up to help keep the event going and will be speaking. Many other great groups and people will be there speaking as well.

Most importantly is the “rocks and cows” of Minnesota are stepping up! Many have showed there support and plan to attend the event. We the people are not going to be scared into silence.

Together we can show the establishment Republicans what it’s like to have a back bone. This rally will be a success without them. Maybe next time they won’t be so quick to run.

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School Closings Will Start Walz’s Second Shutdown.

Yesterday, Governor Walz announced his plans for Minnesota’s schools. In the plan are a number of open levels based on Covid cases per 10000 people in each county over a 2 week period.

Some counties will have to shut schools down with less than 50 case in the county. See a break down of the numbers by county below.

During the announcement Governor Walz also states that they will be increasing testing for Covid-19 on students. This will be the start of the dominoes falling towards a second shutdown. We talked about this in a previous article found here.

These test will be used to inflate the Covid-19 numbers. The increase will be rapid due to false positives, and other factors. Which will get most counties to the distance learning threshold quickly. Walz and company will use this spike to scare the general public into believing that they need to shutdown the rest of the state’s schools and eventually private businesses.

You can join the movement to Recall Governor Walz! We will not let him shut us down again!

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Walz’s 2nd Shutdown is Coming.

Last week Governor Walz announced his mask mandate after failing to use it as a bargaining chip to pass the bonding bill. Now today Mayor Frey of Minneapolis announced that he will be closing bars to slow the increase of covid cases.

These are just the first dominoes being knocked over in a series of events that will lead to another shutdown of our state. In the coming days and months we will see a number of other dominoes fall.

One the first will be the announcement of Minnesota schools doing a majority or 100% distance learning to start the school year. This is being pushed by the majority of the members in Minnesota’s teachers union. Walz will gladly side with the union pushing the wishes of school districts and parents aside.

After the schools focus will turn to the lack of change in number of cases or to what might even be a increase in cases. This will be as a result of a major increase in testing. This is almost unavoidable as we can look to other states to see that mask mandates have do little to affect the number of covid cases.

California’s mask mandate started June 18th.
Hawaii’s mask mandate started April 20th.
Nevada’s mask mandate started May 6th.

Walz’s administration will not look at this data and say that mask were not affective. Instead they will continue the mandate. Even expanding it to outdoor activities. The administration ignoring this data along with the influence of a number of health care officials like Micheal Osterholm (who are call for a second shutdown) will lead us to the next step.

Walz pushing for the shutdown to start again by closing bars/restaurants. This will be started with the mayors of major cities doing similar orders first. They will than push Walz to do the same at the state level. He will gladly use them as an excuse, after all what’s good for Minneapolis is good for the rest of Minnesota. If this sounds familiar it’s the same way the mask mandate came to be.

This possible new round of shutdowns will be devastating to small business who are still struggling to survive the terrible situation Walz put them in.

Once a shutdown is in place, and we again don’t see any changes in number of cases due to increased testing/typical seasonal up swings. Walz go for his ultimate prize mail in voting. We all know this is a corrupt politicians dream, and will be rip with fraud. Leading to a contested election. Which will lead to more civil unrest.

To conclude I also want to say this can be stop. All we need to do is shed light on what they are trying to accomplish. It is highly unpopular, and will take them scaring people into submission. If people resist, spread the truth, and simply don’t go along with their plan it will be impossible for them to complete.

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Cowardly Republican Senate Bill Won’t Stop Walz’s Executive Orders.

The Minnesota Senate today is debating SF4511 which Minnesota Senate Republicans are pushing. The bill would not end Governor Walz’s stay at home order or shutdown order. Instead the bill would allow businesses to reopen if they follow the ever changing bureaucratic guidelines set forth by the Walz administration.

This bill is just another example of Minnesota’s establishment republicans cowering in fear and compromising our rights away. They are saying you can only reopen your business if you follow Governor Walz’s rules! They don’t think you should have the freedom to choose how to handle your business!

The bill would also do nothing to address the stay at home order or even activities like camping.

It’s also important to note that this bill would have to pass the house and get signed by Governor Walz which is doubtful.

The only way to stop Governor Walz’s executive orders is through resolutions in the house and senate. A resolution would not need the Governors signature to take affect. There have been two attempts in the Minnesota House to pass the resolution both have failed. However, the senate republicans have not even made one attempt.

It’s time we tell the establishment republicans in the Minnesota senate to actually try to do something! Stop comprising our freedoms away! Now is not the time to cower! Even if the resolutions fail they need to be attempted. Do they really want to be considered collaborators, because at this rate that’s how history will remember them.

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