Republican Senator Housley Drops Support for Gun Control Bill.

After originally signing on to the unconstitutional gun control bill SF 4312 Republican Senator Housley has now been stricken from the bill.

This comes after ourselves and other many groups called out Senator Housley for supporting the unconstitutional law which would make it a crime if your firearms are not stored in a government approved way.

In a statement to Alpha News Senator Housley said the following.

“I’m committed to developing common sense solutions that preserve personal freedoms and liberty, while keeping kids and families safe and making sure guns are not accessible to violent criminals,” said Sen. Housley. “My initial decision to be a co-author on this bill was based on the concerns of many of those in my district. Unfortunately, this specific piece of legislation is still in need of a lot of work and consideration, and I cannot support it in its current form. This is a sensitive issue for many, and I value all of the feedback I have received.”

Senator Karin Housley via Alpha News

Even with this recent change of heart. We as pro-liberty and pro-gun Minnesotans must not forget these actions taken by Senator Housley. If it wasn’t for the pressure put on by we the people she may have continued her support.

Senator Housley is no stranger to supporting gun control, and will more than likely try to again. If she is not held accountable. Proof is seen in the picture below with Moms demand action.

Overall this proves that taking action and speaking to our elected officials can still accomplish something.

Do not forget the Senator’s action in 2026. It’s time to send someone to St. Paul who won’t waffle our God given liberties away.

More information can be found here.

We can’t do this alone. Let’s save our state.

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