Corrupt Politicians & Unions Behind Ploy to Require License to Paint.

We are lead to believe by the DFL that this move to regulate certain paints, and require a license is simply them acting in our best interest.

However, only taking a quick glance below the surface it is clear that isn’t the case. Politicians like Senate Majority Leader, Erin Murphy and unions like IUPAT DC 82 have a lot to gain by seeing this legislation pass.

The union leaders are working to regulated their service to ensure they are the only possible avenue for people to get that work completed. In turn making more money for themselves and their members.

The union works through a couple different strategies to achieve this goal. They lobby the elected officials as well as lobby the general public with post like the one below. With the goal of scaring the public into accepting the regulations to solve a problem that appears to not have been that big of a threat until recently.

DFL Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy also stands to gain as her husband owns a painting business. Though she is not an author on the bill being a party leader she could easily be working behind the scenes to write this legislation to help boost the her husband’s business and the unions. Many questions still need to be answered. At this time we have not seen whether Senator Erin Murphy has publicly supported the legislation or not.

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