13 thoughts on “Save Our State Flag!

  1. Isaac Blum

    There is no reason to change the old flag. It represents Minnesota the best in my opinion. It’s just a waste of our tax money.

  2. Chad Beuning

    Why why why. I don’t even understand why if our lieutenant governor hates it so bad why she is able to work there

  3. Brad Putney

    The new flag lacks creativity, any symbolism of the state and doesn’t represent a non-partisan desire to move the state forward. Stop this change now and look for solutions that aren’t strictly partisan.

  4. Brenda Johnson

    Leave our state Flag alone. We don’t need any erasure of our history. People that don’t like our flag and history can move to a state that they accept their flag. Leave Minnesota flag and seal alone. We don’t need to waste our tax dollars on this assault to greater Minnesota.


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