Author: Thomas Haler

You Can’t Fight For Liberty If You Don’t Have A Voice.

It needs to be said you cannot fight for Liberty or fight against Minnesota House mask rules by giving up your voice. Rep. Mortensen has refused to wear a mask while attending session in person. A noble, but ill advised move. Which has resulted in him giving up his legislative voice. All in the name […]

No-Knock Warrants Are Pure Evil.

Another innocent person has fallen victim to the disgusting practice of no-knock warrants. Amir Locke was shot early Wednesday morning on February 2nd after being a awakened by Minneapolis police. Recently released body cam footage shows police quietly opening the apartment door before rushing in guns and flash light drawn. Amir Locke who is not named on […]

You Should

If I had a nickel for every comment on a post, or direct message I’ve received telling us all the things “we should” do… DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT’S HOW WE GOT HERE?! When 99.9% of the “effort” that conservatives exert is spent on either complaining or telling other people what they should do Facebook and […]

Establishment Republicans Flee, While the “Rocks and Cows“ Step Up for Hugo

Tomorrow 8-22 at 10am there will be a unity rally in Hugo, MN. The rally is in response to DFL’s Minnesota House Candidate John Thompson’s comments during last weeks protest at Bob Krolls house. However, this rally almost didn’t happen as the original organizers/speakers backed out at the first signs of trouble from possible bad […]