You Can’t Fight For Liberty If You Don’t Have A Voice.

It needs to be said you cannot fight for Liberty or fight against Minnesota House mask rules by giving up your voice.

Rep. Mortensen has refused to wear a mask while attending session in person. A noble, but ill advised move. Which has resulted in him giving up his legislative voice. All in the name of fighting the terrible mask rules imposed by Speaker Hortman. He will not be allowed to speak, make motions, amendments, or even object. This means until the rules are changed he will not be able to stand, and fight for us on any issue. He will have to sit in silence as others work to restore and protect our liberties.

The mask rules need a majority support to be removed, which at this time is not possible due to DFL control of the Minnesota House. It is also important to note that only a slight majority is need to complete most activities. Meaning that since the DFL has majority control the Republicans cannot protest the rule in mass, because the DFL have the numbers to continue in the legislative process without them.

Even after this is considered Rep. Mortensen has still used this to attack other Republicans saying they refuse to fight mask mandates. It is definitely the case that some Republicans need their feet held to the fire. Many Republican Representatives may even support the mask mandates. However, it is simple not true that their are no Republicans fighting the mask mandates.

The New House Republican Caucus members and a number of other representatives have been attending session through zoom in resistance to the mask rules. They have not lost their voices and they continue to fight for our liberties. Rep. Mortensen could be fighting the mask rules, and still have his voice to fight on other issues, but he chooses not to.

Instead he has focused all his legislative energy on this issue that doesn’t affect the vast majority of Minnesotans. If he wants to stop mask mandates in schools or else where in Minnesota he is going to need his voice. We need him to stand up and speak against the other attacks on our freedoms that are happening now as well as those coming in the future.

I encourage Rep. Mortensen to rethink this strategy. If you continue to sit in silence you’ll become no different than Senator Gazelka or Rep. Daudt. We need your voice. We need you to fight for our liberties.

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