The Madness Has Arrived.

The madness has arrived and it’s not even the worst of it. Check out this small sample of crazy from the last few days.

The DFL is attempting to make it legal to knowingly transmit AIDS or any other possibly deadly disease to someone. ➡️See the bill here⬅️

The DFL is attempting to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants while they brag about already voting! What do you think is going to happen after they are given government ids?

They are doing the above while also promoting the delusion that “Not all students that menstruate are female.”.

Sadly this is just the start. A lot worse and more impactful legislation has already been filed! Ranging from gun control to renewable energy mandates. The renewable energy mandates alone will increase electric bills on average by $1640 per year.

They will soon waste your surplus on their “One Minnesota” agenda and raise your taxes once the money is gone.

The only thing we can do now is not be silent. We must keep an eye on them, and let them know when their crazy is showing. Our state’s future depends on it.

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