It’s about the Metro DFL whackjobs being so condescending and belittling of Greater MN that they can scream that the entire state is currently a racist hotbed going back to our founding and then start mandating that be taught in public schools. Belittling the entire state like that wasn’t good enough for them so they start using the govt to attack: mining, and logging, and livestock farmers, and manufacturing, and energy production, and gas lawnmowers, and atv’s, and gun ownership…..and not even blink an eye.

Because they have been allowed to walk all over us and our entire economic and cultural way of life, what the heck let’s just appoint a committee of our Mpls DFL buddies to hold a mail-in coloring contest and change the official flag and seal. The committee of haters even erased from the flag and seal when Minnesota became a state, since they don’t recognize that as legitimate either.

Does Minnesota need a new flag? Maybe. Maybe they should have asked us first. Maybe they should let the people vote. Maybe they should at least let the legislature we elected vote. But a hybrid Somali-LGBTQXYZ flag picked by mail-in coloring contest and fine tuned by a committee of Mpls DFL appointed race baiters that hate Minnesota ain’t the way to do it.

Sign the petition to be delivered in February to tell the Legislature NO. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

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