Cowardly Republican Senate Bill Won’t Stop Walz’s Executive Orders.

The Minnesota Senate today is debating SF4511 which Minnesota Senate Republicans are pushing. The bill would not end Governor Walz’s stay at home order or shutdown order. Instead the bill would allow businesses to reopen if they follow the ever changing bureaucratic guidelines set forth by the Walz administration.

This bill is just another example of Minnesota’s establishment republicans cowering in fear and compromising our rights away. They are saying you can only reopen your business if you follow Governor Walz’s rules! They don’t think you should have the freedom to choose how to handle your business!

The bill would also do nothing to address the stay at home order or even activities like camping.

It’s also important to note that this bill would have to pass the house and get signed by Governor Walz which is doubtful.

The only way to stop Governor Walz’s executive orders is through resolutions in the house and senate. A resolution would not need the Governors signature to take affect. There have been two attempts in the Minnesota House to pass the resolution both have failed. However, the senate republicans have not even made one attempt.

It’s time we tell the establishment republicans in the Minnesota senate to actually try to do something! Stop comprising our freedoms away! Now is not the time to cower! Even if the resolutions fail they need to be attempted. Do they really want to be considered collaborators, because at this rate that’s how history will remember them.

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New Evidence: Was Covid-19 Community Spreading Before Minnesota’s First Official Case?

Photo: CDC/Alissa Eckert

New evidence may help answer the question of how long Covid-19 has really been in Minnesota.

The first official Covid-19 case in Minnesota was on March 7th, but a newly published article and interview from Keyc leads us to believe it was here well before that date.

The article titled: Martin County couple recovers from COVID-19, shares story of hope is about a couple that has just recovered from Covid-19. The wife was very ill and spent a number of days in the hospital. It is believe she got the virus from her husband.

Checkout this snippet of the article:

Annette has an autoimmune disease that affects her lungs and also has vocal cord issues which makes breathing difficult. Eventually, the symptoms subsided as days went by. Meanwhile, Larry found out he might have already recovered from COVID-19, all while mostly asymptomatic.

“Back the end of February, first of March, I went through a period of fatigue and light-headedness but just kind of self-medicated with coffee, so I just kind of worked through it and didn’t really know but then after Annette tested positive they wanted me tested and discussed some of the symptoms and it was like, oh my, I maybe did have that a couple of weeks ago,” said Larry.

The couple, both in their late 50′s, didn’t travel out of the country recently and isn’t exactly sure where they may have contracted the disease. They want people to know just how drastically different COVID-19 symptoms can be, even in the same household.

That would mean Covid-19 was community spreading in Southern Minnesota (the couple is from Martin County) prior to the states first official case.  Which makes you wonder how long the virus has actually been here?  The virus could have been spreading since early February or even in January.  Which would put a giant dent into the official story put out by the media and the state that now is the time to panic. 

It appears we are ruining our economy and people’s lives fighting a virus that was already here and spreading prior to Governor Walz’s authoritarian actions to stop it.  Though the virus is deadly to some we would be better off concentrating on protecting the most at risk and voluntarily self quarantining like we would with influenza.  We as Americans have never bowed to tyrants or diseases before and we shouldn’t start now.

You can watch the interview by clicking here.

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House Republicans Call For Investigation Of Rino Minority Leader.

The following is a statement from Representative Steve Drazkowski and Representative Tim Miller of the New House Republican Caucus.


St. Paul – Today, Representative Steve Drazkowski and Representative Tim Miller made the following statement:

“Leadership matters. Over a year ago, we formed the New House Republican Caucus because Rep. Kurt Daudt had a long history of failed, dishonest, and unethical leadership. Rep. Daudt’s recent acceptance of a high-powered job with a multinational corporate lobbying firm, while continuing to serve and vote in the Minnesota House of Representatives, demonstrates a total lack of ethical behavior.

Rep. Daudt is a lobbyist for Stateside Associates. This firm represents many corporate interests involved in all sectors of our economy. As a result, Rep. Daudt is inevitably casting votes on behalf of his influential clients. In Minnesota, legislators are barred from received lobbyist gifts worth over $5. However, Rep. Daudt is unabashedly taking what is likely a very substantial salary from Stateside Associates.

Furthermore, our offices are now getting calls from lobbyists with Washington D.C.- based Stateside Associates. In all our years of serving in the Minnesota Legislature, we have never once received a call from a Stateside Associates lobbyist until Rep. Daudt started working for them. Rep. Daudt is trying his hardest to pump swamp water from Washington D.C. directly into Minnesota. This must stop.

We believe that Rep. Daudt has most assuredly betrayed the public trust and has brought dishonor and disrepute upon the Minnesota House of Representatives. As such, we have sent a letter to the Speaker of the House requesting a full ethics investigation into Rep. Daudt’s deliberately exercised ethical conflict. An ethics investigation is a commonsense measure to ensure the integrity of our government.

The people of Minnesota deserve competent leaders. These individuals must be independent, acting in the best interest of the people, and ethical.

In addition to standing up for true conservative values, we formed the New House Republican Caucus to reintroduce honesty and transparency into the Minnesota Legislature. All legislators, regardless of political allegiance, must be held to the high ethical standards that the public expects from its leaders.”

Are you okay Amy?

During the Democratic debate last night Senator Amy Klobuchar was seen shaking on stage.

That leads us to ask are you okay? Drink to much coffee? Or maybe your nervous, because you know the your constituents back here in Minnesota aren’t happy with you.

We should all check in on the Senator to make sure she is okay. While we are at it let her know she is letting us down with her failure to help support mining in northern Minnesota.

You could also speak with her about her failure to help secure our border.

There are so many issues that could be brought up that we won’t list them all, but let’s show her we are concerned about her and what she is doing.

Contact Senator Amy Klobuchar here.

Reactions To Rep. Munson’s Insulin Video Shows Democrats and Press Care More About Politics, then Patients.

Last Friday Rep. Jeremy Munson post a video on Facebook demonstrating that there are still ways to get cheaper insulin. In the video which can be seen below Rep. Munson walked into a Walmart with out a prescription and bought a vile of Insulin for $24.88. The vile which was even of a popular brand which has been used for many years.

Knowledge of this option in case of emergencies could save lives! As well as save patients lots of financial headaches if this option is approved by their doctor. Even the American Diabetes Association confirmed that this is an emergency option with the supervision of your doctor. With the Vice President of the organization saying “It is far better to use the older insulins with care than it is to either withhold or even to reduce the analog insulin.”.

However, none of this information was taken into account by the democrats and the press. They quickly began pumping out stories claiming Rep. Munson was endangering lives. All of which contain a very similar hit piece title. (As a side note it is well known the most people only read the title of a news story or just the first paragraph. That is why these titles are important, they purposely miss lead people into thinking Rep. Munson is wrong.) Three examples can be seen below, and little substance is given to prove Rep. Munson wrong or that he is putting lives in danger.

Democrats lawmakers and activist have also been giving their two cents with Rep. Halverson saying this about the cheaper product: “it’s lower-quality, outdated technology with this insulin, it’s just wrong.”  However, as stated above this is a good option for emergencies or other use with your doctors supervision as the dose are different between the newer and older products. Insulin4All advocates went on the attack as well and began trolling Munson facebook page pushing their national socialist ideas and propaganda.

Munson had the following to say in response:

“To the National Socialists trolling my page: I understand the underlying socialist agenda of the Insulin4All advocates to promote healthcare for all and you are being used to drive the wedge for the larger movement to nationalize healthcare. What I don’t understand is the belief that legislators should be debating an emergency insulin bill without discussing the older insulin’s current availability when even the Vice President of the American Diabetes Association states this $25 Walmart insulin is FAR BETTER than to ration the anolog insulin. He does say he prefers the newer analog insulins, “just not so that the conversation goes so far to say, ‘You’re going to kill people if you make them use those inferior insulins,’ ” which is what all the national insulin socialists are posting. I am not blocking people from posting to this page, as your voice needs to be part of the conversation.”

Since the posting of the video by Rep. Munson we have seen little talk of solutions to fix the problem high insulin cost from either the the Democrats or the press (other than give it to everyone for free). However, we have seen how quick they are to attack when a Republican proposes a solution or quick emergency fix. Even if Rep. Munson’s emergency solution isn’t an option for everyone it will still surely help more people than more government run healthcare.

Three Minnesota Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions. Then Left To Die.

Three Babies were born alive after a failed abortion attempts here in Minnesota in 2018. The abortionist than failed to give the care required by law to the children resulting in their deaths.

They are required by law to give care to children who survive abortion attempts thanks to the “Born Alive Infants Protection Act” which passed in 2015. The law has saved the lives of 11 children since going into affect.

More information can be found here:

Life news

Minnesota Department of Health Report