You Should

If I had a nickel for every comment on a post, or direct message I’ve received telling us all the things “we should” do…

DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT’S HOW WE GOT HERE?! When 99.9% of the “effort” that conservatives exert is spent on either complaining or telling other people what they should do Facebook and Twitter, is it any mystery why leftists have taken over Minnesota!?

YOU SHOULD commit to real life action. Every year there are school board, city council, even mayoral offices up for grabs, many with fewer candidates running than there are openings or no clear and obvious front runners, especially out in Rocks and Cows country.

City Councils and School Boards often are on a rotating cycle, which means a third or less are up for election each year – they didn’t become leftist or even ‘centrist’ all at once – it likely took 6 – 10 years. This is the long game I’m talking about.

How differently might have 2020 gone if the people in this group had started joining school boards and city councils back in 2012? How many cities would have declared themselves “Sanctuary Cities” from Walz’s tyranny

The same applies to all types of other ‘down ballot’ offices: County Commissioners, Judges, Mayors…the list goes on and on.

Don’t imagine that because you are in a “rocks and cows” town that someone else will guard your virtues. While this article is written about the experience in eastern Tennessee, the threat is just as real in every corner of Minnesota:

We truly get the government we deserve. Getting the government we all want here means many of us need to commit to doing more than just social media.

Make your commitment today. Pledge to research what local offices will be up for election in 2021 and 2022, and plan to ensure that any leftist attempting to sneak in will be contested.

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