Walz’s 2nd Shutdown is Coming.

Last week Governor Walz announced his mask mandate after failing to use it as a bargaining chip to pass the bonding bill. Now today Mayor Frey of Minneapolis announced that he will be closing bars to slow the increase of covid cases.

These are just the first dominoes being knocked over in a series of events that will lead to another shutdown of our state. In the coming days and months we will see a number of other dominoes fall.

One the first will be the announcement of Minnesota schools doing a majority or 100% distance learning to start the school year. This is being pushed by the majority of the members in Minnesota’s teachers union. Walz will gladly side with the union pushing the wishes of school districts and parents aside.

After the schools focus will turn to the lack of change in number of cases or to what might even be a increase in cases. This will be as a result of a major increase in testing. This is almost unavoidable as we can look to other states to see that mask mandates have do little to affect the number of covid cases.

California’s mask mandate started June 18th.
Hawaii’s mask mandate started April 20th.
Nevada’s mask mandate started May 6th.

Walz’s administration will not look at this data and say that mask were not affective. Instead they will continue the mandate. Even expanding it to outdoor activities. The administration ignoring this data along with the influence of a number of health care officials like Micheal Osterholm (who are call for a second shutdown) will lead us to the next step.

Walz pushing for the shutdown to start again by closing bars/restaurants. This will be started with the mayors of major cities doing similar orders first. They will than push Walz to do the same at the state level. He will gladly use them as an excuse, after all what’s good for Minneapolis is good for the rest of Minnesota. If this sounds familiar it’s the same way the mask mandate came to be.

This possible new round of shutdowns will be devastating to small business who are still struggling to survive the terrible situation Walz put them in.

Once a shutdown is in place, and we again don’t see any changes in number of cases due to increased testing/typical seasonal up swings. Walz go for his ultimate prize mail in voting. We all know this is a corrupt politicians dream, and will be rip with fraud. Leading to a contested election. Which will lead to more civil unrest.

To conclude I also want to say this can be stop. All we need to do is shed light on what they are trying to accomplish. It is highly unpopular, and will take them scaring people into submission. If people resist, spread the truth, and simply don’t go along with their plan it will be impossible for them to complete.

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