School Closings Will Start Walz’s Second Shutdown.

Yesterday, Governor Walz announced his plans for Minnesota’s schools. In the plan are a number of open levels based on Covid cases per 10000 people in each county over a 2 week period.

Some counties will have to shut schools down with less than 50 case in the county. See a break down of the numbers by county below.

During the announcement Governor Walz also states that they will be increasing testing for Covid-19 on students. This will be the start of the dominoes falling towards a second shutdown. We talked about this in a previous article found here.

These test will be used to inflate the Covid-19 numbers. The increase will be rapid due to false positives, and other factors. Which will get most counties to the distance learning threshold quickly. Walz and company will use this spike to scare the general public into believing that they need to shutdown the rest of the state’s schools and eventually private businesses.

You can join the movement to Recall Governor Walz! We will not let him shut us down again!

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