The DFL Chooses To Help Bees over Diabetics!

The spending plan passed by the state legislature includes a plan to spend $900,000 of tax payers money on turning lawns into bee gardens. The program will pay people to plant native flowers and plants that are good for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee which is on the endangered species.

It doesn’t surprise us that this kind of waste is included in the spending plan. After all it does increase spending by $3 billion. What gets to us is the fact that this is just the tip of the ice berg of waste.

The DFL has no concept of justifiable spending. It can be proven by the fact that the DFL deliberately voted down emergency insulin funding which would help diabetics of all ages. Instead they decided that bees were more important than their fellow Minnesotans!

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Bee Garden program.

Emergency Insulin Funding.

DFL Votes to Show Elementary Students Planned Parenthood Endorsed Porn!

All but 2 DFL house members have voted in support of HF2400 which includes on page 258 includes CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education). CSE is heavily lobbied for by Planned Parenthood.

The program revolves around the book “It’s Perfectly Normal”. Which Planned Parenthood recommends to 4th – 6th graders.

The book contains explicit drawings of both sexes. Also covering the topics of Homosexuality, vaginal, oral and anal sex, and not surprisingly abortion.

Rep. Eric Lucero stood up to the DFL on the house floor even reading some of the book.

Update: Alpha news recently tried to promote their coverage of the bill/program on Facebook. They were not allowed to because the images were deemed inappropriate for Facebook. Yet the democrats think they are appropriate for 10 year old who isn’t even old enough to start a Facebook account!

Get Alpha News take here!

More information on CSE and “It’s Perfectly Normal” can be found here.

This legislation is just more proof that Planned Parenthood, DFL, and other left wing groups are sexualizing kids in the name of tolerance and progress. Which it is neither, it is evil!