Keith Ellison Blocks The Minnesota Free State On Twitter!

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

The Minnesota Free State just recently joined Tweeter, and has already received it’s first block!  Rep. Keith Ellison and his campaign staff must not like us much!  We were blocked just hours after following him.

It is important to note that we have never tweeted at him or messaged him.  However, we do report on what he says and does.

For example, yesterday we posted a picture from a tweet that Ellison sent out himself in January of this year.

This is one of the reasons they blocked us.  They don’t like the fact that we are showing what he says, and letting the people know where he really stands.  They feel that is a threat.  They know that if his true beliefs are know to the people that it won’t be good for his Attorney General run or the DFL as a whole.

Be sure to follow us Twitter!  Or just let Mr. Keith Ellison know that red wave is coming to Minnesota!  We are okay with either one!

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