Phillip C Parrish For Governor Censored By Facebook!

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Facebook continues to affect many of the political races in Minnesota. Now Republican gubernatorial candidate Phillip Parrish is being censored by Facebook.

According to the Phillip C Parrish for Governor Facebook page. They have already gone through the authorization process to run ads on Facebook. However, Facebook has now removed their authorization.

The campaign was trying to share “Freedom Talk with Phil”. A live stream done frequently by Phillip Parrish in which he talks current issues and status of the race.

Child’s Charity Lemonade Stand Shut Down For Lack Of Permit

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

In Denver, Colorado a pair of brothers set up a lemonade stand in hopes of raising money for an impoverished boy in Indonesia. However, the boys were shut down early due to their lack of a permit which cost $125 per day.  The boys were set up outside a local art festival.  Which had a lemonade vendor inside selling it at a price of $7 a cup compared to the boys at 2 for $1.  The mother said someone complained about the boy’s stand.  Which got the police involved, it appears that who ever called isn’t a fan of competition.  The mother of the boys is also quoted by CBS 4 in Denver saying that the day wasn’t a complete loss.  They made about $200 before the police arrived.


Country Time Lemonade will now be paying fines and permits for kids lemonade stands.  The company will cover the cost up to $300 for stands that were fined in 2017 or 2018 or for permits bought this year.

More info on Country Times program found here.

To read more on the subject click here.

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Tribal Net Found Abandoned In Lake Mille Lacs

By:  (Pioneer Press)

A tip from a local resident led officials to an abandoned Indian gillnet on Lake Mille Lacs on May 20 that contained 67 dead walleye weighing 112.4 pounds.

Mille Lacs is co-managed between the state and eight bands of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians with court-affirmed treaty rights to net a portion of walleye. Each side agrees to a maximum amount of walleyes it can kill each season.

Charlie Rasmussen, spokesman for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission said that he and the Fond du Lac Conservation Enforcement Department were aware of the find and have begun an investigation.

“Fond du Lac is committed to the enforcement of its codes and regulations, and will take appropriate enforcement action when the investigation is complete,” Rasmussen said.

Non-tribal members are under strict catch-and-release-only fishing rules, while tribal members are allowed to net.

“All of the fish that were found in the net will be counted against the Fond du Lac Band’s overall walleye quota for this fishing year,” he said.

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Photo: Proper Economic Resource Management

Article from the Pioneer Press

Exclusive: Facebook Censors Minnesotan Candidate for Congress!

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

In response to the fake Russian scandal Facebook has increased their censorship of political speech.  Their effort to promote “fairness”  has now started to limit the political advertising of Independent candidates.

This bias censorship has now come to Minnesota!  Chad Enstad for Congress is being barred from advertising on the platform.  They are not being banned for sharing a offensive or false post, but instead they are being banned because of their rural address.

The post that set off this chain of events was for a up coming campaign event.  Campaign Manager Isaac Jensen explains the process below:

I’m trying to promote our upcoming event, and it was rejected by Facebook for being political. They demanded that in order to promote our event, I had to

1. Submit to two-factor authentication that requires me to receive a code through text every time I log in to my account.

2. Report my home address to Facebook.

3. Turn over a copy of my drivers license (which they denied) and then required me to turn over a copy of my passport.

4. Give them the last four of your SSN

As if that isn’t intrusive enough their problems got worse!  The address was rejected, because their small town does not have mail delivery.   Isaac Jensen continues to explain:

I did all of this, and they still are banning me from promoting our event, because our hometown doesn’t have mail delivery (we use a post office) and so my legal address was rejected by their system. Rather than verifying my address using all of the other personally identifiable information they conned me out of, they are sending a letter snail mail sometime in the next few days.

This does not appear to be just a glitch in the system.  Even though they may try to blame it on one later.  The campaign repeatedly reached out to Facebook trying to repeal the decision.  Facebook however refused to listen, and eventually banned them from appealing.  Isaac Jensen explains the end result below:

When I appealed the decision, Facebook just continually told me that I had to authenticate my account, ignored my repeated assertion that I DID and then they recommended edits to my promotion, which conveniently for them apparently auto-closes your appeal so now they won’t even talk to me about the issue.

The Minnesota Free State was given screenshots of the exchange, so everyone can see the ridiculousness of Facebook for themselves.

Facebook is clearly doing this as a political attack.  Using the address denial as an excuse to reject rural voices from being heard.  This is only the beginning if we don’t shine the light on this address requirement now it could affect hundreds of candidates. They are going to continue to go after any candidate they don’t approve of, and missing out on hundreds of thousand (probably millions) of dollars nationwide in the process.  They don’t care though as long as they are hurting the campaigns of great Americans like Chad Enstad, and promote their chosen candidates.

You can find out more about the candidate that Facebook doesn’t want you to see below.

Chad Enstad For Congress

If you live in Minnesota CD 7 Chad Enstad needs your help!  1000 signatures are needed before June 5th to get Chad’s name on the ballot!

To get involved or to find out how to sign the petition click here!



New Bill Would Ban Abortion after Fetal Heartbeat is Detected

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

A new bill in Minnesota would prohibit abortions after a heartbeat is detected.  The bill to be introduced by Rep. Tim Miller of Prinsburg is inspired by a recent bill signed into law in Iowa.

The bill would have an exemption for medical emergency, but would require physicians to first provide a ultrasound to determine if there is a fetal heartbeat.  Physicians who violate the law could face up to a year in jail or $3,000 in fines.

The bill would be unlikely to get signed by Governor Dayton if it did pass the House and Senate this session.  Luckily, since the 2018 legislative session is ending Sunday night.  The bill will wait to be officially introduced next session.  Miller is hopeful that the next governor will be pro-life, and that the bill will be signed into law.   No matter what happens, We salute the courage of Tim Miller and all the co-authors for submitting this great work of pro-life legislation.

More info can be found here.


Pro-Liberty Republicans To Host Convention At Mosque

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Members of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota will host their annual convention at Dar al-Farooq Mosque.  That is the Mosque which was bombed last summer, luckily no one was injured in the bombing.

Chairman Zaiver Bicott told the Pioneer Press that he has received mostly positive responses on the decision to host the event at a Mosque.  Abdi Mohamed a Republican from Woodbury is also quoted in the article saying. “It’s a way of reaching out to Muslims who are culturally conservative and can benefit from conservative policies, and many others want to expand the conservative and libertarian message to all.”

On a personal level I support the plan.  We need to be spreading the message of liberty to all that will listen. The Democrats are trying to add another group to their plantation, and our goal should be to educated the Muslim community.  So that they can decided who they support on their own.  More than likely once they hear the truth about our message they will side with us.

With that said we still need to remain vigilant of taqiya and oppose Sharia Law.  Sharia Law is not compatible with our system, and should be opposed at all levels.  Taqiya, which is the act of lying about the ones faith is used to hide the true intentions of the radical minority.  We must be aware of the violent history and tendencies of some parts of Islam, but welcome the peaceful side with open arms. 

More about the convention can be found here.

Photo: Facebook, Dar Al farooq Center

Video: Keith Ellison Wants No Borders

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

The Democratic Representative Keith Ellison was seen during a May Day parade showing his support for open borders.  Ellison was wearing a shirt that stated "yo no creo en fronteras."  which means " I don't believe in borders."





Corn Dust Is Not A Pollutant!

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Yesterday in St. Paul, the Republicans in the House and Senate continued their push against over reach by the Dayton administration.  By passing SF 3182 which is meant to clarify the rules on fugitive emissions.  The bill is now ready for the Governor to sign.

The bill pushes back against a new ruling by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency which puts corn dust in the category of a fugitive emission.  The PCA would use this rule to ban the outdoor storing of corn in covered piles.  This would greatly affect farmer coops, ethanol plants, and some farmers.  The outdoor covered piles are used to store the extra corn during the harvest season until it is sent to market.

SF 3182 will change corn dust to a biodegradable substance.  Which it is!  The actions by the Dayton Administration’s PCA is nothing more than attempt to grab more power and control from the hard working farmers of Minnesota.  St. Paul needs to get out of the way of farmers, not block them from doing their work.

Read the Bill here: SF 3182



60% Plus not Proficient in Math or Reading

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

A recently released assessment by the U.S. Department of Education is showing many US public schools are struggling.  The assessment found that 67% of 8th grade students are not proficient in math, and 65% in reading.  These numbers are based off of scores in the NAEP test, and highlights 27 urban distracts.

The failure rates are much higher in urban districts. Detroit reported the worse scores with just 5% proficient in math and 7% proficient in reading. Austin did the best in reading with 36% of students being proficient. Charlotte was the best in math at 41% proficiency.

Among 8th graders Minnesota finished 2nd best in math and 10th in reading. The proficiency rates for Minnesota were 46% in math and 39% in reading.

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