Reactions To Rep. Munson’s Insulin Video Shows Democrats and Press Care More About Politics, then Patients.

Last Friday Rep. Jeremy Munson post a video on Facebook demonstrating that there are still ways to get cheaper insulin. In the video which can be seen below Rep. Munson walked into a Walmart with out a prescription and bought a vile of Insulin for $24.88. The vile which was even of a popular brand which has been used for many years.

Knowledge of this option in case of emergencies could save lives! As well as save patients lots of financial headaches if this option is approved by their doctor. Even the American Diabetes Association confirmed that this is an emergency option with the supervision of your doctor. With the Vice President of the organization saying “It is far better to use the older insulins with care than it is to either withhold or even to reduce the analog insulin.”.

However, none of this information was taken into account by the democrats and the press. They quickly began pumping out stories claiming Rep. Munson was endangering lives. All of which contain a very similar hit piece title. (As a side note it is well known the most people only read the title of a news story or just the first paragraph. That is why these titles are important, they purposely miss lead people into thinking Rep. Munson is wrong.) Three examples can be seen below, and little substance is given to prove Rep. Munson wrong or that he is putting lives in danger.

Democrats lawmakers and activist have also been giving their two cents with Rep. Halverson saying this about the cheaper product: “it’s lower-quality, outdated technology with this insulin, it’s just wrong.”  However, as stated above this is a good option for emergencies or other use with your doctors supervision as the dose are different between the newer and older products. Insulin4All advocates went on the attack as well and began trolling Munson facebook page pushing their national socialist ideas and propaganda.

Munson had the following to say in response:

“To the National Socialists trolling my page: I understand the underlying socialist agenda of the Insulin4All advocates to promote healthcare for all and you are being used to drive the wedge for the larger movement to nationalize healthcare. What I don’t understand is the belief that legislators should be debating an emergency insulin bill without discussing the older insulin’s current availability when even the Vice President of the American Diabetes Association states this $25 Walmart insulin is FAR BETTER than to ration the anolog insulin. He does say he prefers the newer analog insulins, “just not so that the conversation goes so far to say, ‘You’re going to kill people if you make them use those inferior insulins,’ ” which is what all the national insulin socialists are posting. I am not blocking people from posting to this page, as your voice needs to be part of the conversation.”

Since the posting of the video by Rep. Munson we have seen little talk of solutions to fix the problem high insulin cost from either the the Democrats or the press (other than give it to everyone for free). However, we have seen how quick they are to attack when a Republican proposes a solution or quick emergency fix. Even if Rep. Munson’s emergency solution isn’t an option for everyone it will still surely help more people than more government run healthcare.

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