Corn Dust Is Not A Pollutant!

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Yesterday in St. Paul, the Republicans in the House and Senate continued their push against over reach by the Dayton administration.  By passing SF 3182 which is meant to clarify the rules on fugitive emissions.  The bill is now ready for the Governor to sign.

The bill pushes back against a new ruling by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency which puts corn dust in the category of a fugitive emission.  The PCA would use this rule to ban the outdoor storing of corn in covered piles.  This would greatly affect farmer coops, ethanol plants, and some farmers.  The outdoor covered piles are used to store the extra corn during the harvest season until it is sent to market.

SF 3182 will change corn dust to a biodegradable substance.  Which it is!  The actions by the Dayton Administration’s PCA is nothing more than attempt to grab more power and control from the hard working farmers of Minnesota.  St. Paul needs to get out of the way of farmers, not block them from doing their work.

Read the Bill here: SF 3182



60% Plus not Proficient in Math or Reading

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

A recently released assessment by the U.S. Department of Education is showing many US public schools are struggling.  The assessment found that 67% of 8th grade students are not proficient in math, and 65% in reading.  These numbers are based off of scores in the NAEP test, and highlights 27 urban distracts.

The failure rates are much higher in urban districts. Detroit reported the worse scores with just 5% proficient in math and 7% proficient in reading. Austin did the best in reading with 36% of students being proficient. Charlotte was the best in math at 41% proficiency.

Among 8th graders Minnesota finished 2nd best in math and 10th in reading. The proficiency rates for Minnesota were 46% in math and 39% in reading.

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Town Spotlight: Campbell, Minnesota

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

This town spotlight brings us to southern Wilkin county to the town of Campbell, Minnesota.  Which at its peak had a population of 424.  However, like most other small towns the population has slowly dropped over time.  The current population of Campbell is 158.

Campbell was incorporated in January of 1899.  The community was founded along the stage route to Fergus Falls, and later developed after the railroad came through.

Campbell is a farming community at heart.  With one big technological contribution to agriculture which is the Gray Tractor invented by J.W. Grey in Campbell.  The tractor was unique, because it had a rear-drive drum which gave the Grey Tractors superior traction boosting field performance.  The model 18-36 was first sold in 1916, and was the first tractor evaluated at the Nebraska Tractor Test to burn gasoline and to use the unique rear drum-drive system.

Campbell was also home to former US Senator and Congressman Thomas D. Schall. The Repbulican, passed away in Washington D.C. in 1935 after being struck by a hit and run driver.  Sadly, becoming one of the few Senators or Congressman to pass away in a vehicle related accident.

Most small farming communities saw their big growth come after the railroad came to town.  The railroad would cause main streets grow, new schools are built, and farm elevators to be constructed.  It appears Campbell was no different.

1908 Main Street

1910 Farmers Elevator

1914 Campbell School House

1910 Rail Yard


New school 1922

Campbell 1911



Today Campbell is home to Campbell-Tintah Public Elemantry School.  Three Churches, a number of small business, and the Elevator is operated by Wheaton Dumont Coop.

If you would like to see more added to this spotlight or if you would like your town spotlighted by The Minnesota Free State.  Just let us know by sending us a message on Facebook or emailing .


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Photos: Minnesota Historical Society and Lakes n woods




Alpha News: Republican Farmer Labor Caucus Gets Cease And Desist Letter From DFL

By: Christine Bauman

Via: Alpha News

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Republican Farmer Labor Caucus is ruffling feathers within the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, receiving a cease and desist letter from the DFL less than a week after establishing the group.

The Republican Farmer Labor Caucus, or RFL, was recently formed by a small group of Republican state lawmakers who believe Democrats are out of touch with rural Minnesota. The RFL, which has a Facebook page, was created as a way for lawmakers to interact with constituents about issues important to farmers and laborers.

Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal), one of the founding members of the RFL, believes Democrats have “shifted so far to the extreme” that the DFL no longer represents rural Minnesota, particularly on issues like agriculture and mining.

Continue Reading.

Keith Ellison Joins DNC Lawsuit

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Radical leftist and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has joined the lawsuit filed by the DNC.  The suit is against the Trump campaign, the Russian government, and Wikileaks for collusion in the 2016 election.

The lawsuit is likely the result of Mueller’s Russian Probe coming up empty handed.  There are even a few Democrats voicing concerns over the lawsuit.  Saying it is going to take important resources away from the mid-terms.

Do you think the Democrats should just give up on Russian collusion?  After all the evidence is pointing toward them being the ones who concluded with the Russians.  During the Uranium One deal.

Read the lawsuit here.

Keith Ellison via Twitter:

“As Americans, it is our duty to respond when our democracy is attacked. The DNC is filing this lawsuit because Russia, and anyone who supported their interference in the 2016 election, must be held accountable.”


Keith Ellison wants a maximum wage.

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

During a the interview Congressman Keith Ellison reassured everyone that his statement was not a joke. He had just stated his support for a maximum wage, and had earlier supported a universal basic income.

He would achieve that redistribution by raising taxes on the successful and hardworking alike. Saying “if you make more than 20 times more than the people that actually make the products and do the services of your company, then we’re going to tax you more.”

He went on to give an example of McDonald’s CEO making $9,000 per hour. While his employees fight for $15. Also stating “why can’t the CEO make $300 an hour”

Ellison did not state any specifics on the universal basic income, but he did say that “I don’t think that universal basic income means that people sit around.”

That’s where Ellison is wrong. Those two programs will do nothing, but punish hard working Americans. If they were ever to be implemented they would achieve one goal though.

That goal would be income equality. Sadly, its not a perfect world, and it won’t be the equality that the left envisions. It will do nothing more than make everyone equally poor.

As seen in all socialist countries it may work in the short term, but will always collapse after the hardworking are final run out.