Governor Tim Walz Admits They’re Spying on Minnesotans!

Governor Tim Walz during the Coronavirus daily briefing admitted they are spying on Minnesotans. Governor Walz mentioned they are gathering travel patterns and social distancing compliance data via individual cell phone tower pings.

Watch for yourself! Key points are the beginning and at the 2:15 mark.

Featured image via Star-tribune

6 Replies to “Governor Tim Walz Admits They’re Spying on Minnesotans!”

  1. I listened to this press release and they are twisting what was shared! He said that based on traffic cams and cell phone tower pings they show 40% decrease in travel. He is fighting for US to not force a shelter in place by stating we have worked hard as a state to flatten the curve. How awful it was twist to this when his intention was to continue to give us choices

  2. Of course from Taxing Timmy. He’s a Creeper. Look at the CDC numbers the Chinese virus, versus Influenza. Influenza is way worse. Taxing Timmy wants a Socialism society.

  3. What about the extra money that Minnesota has of our tax money, that he is saving for a rainy day ??? You don’t think we need our money back at this time ??? It’s a rainy day !!!

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