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  • Tim Walz says Minnesota’s Media is Pushing Facts over Fear.
  • You are the media!
    The Minnesota Free State has started a new Facebook group and a soon to be added section to our website titled Freedom Minnesota- You are the Media The group has been started because we are all journalist and pundits. With voices and stories that need to be heard. The individual can sometimes even reach more people than the mainstream media! That means we can all do our part to report on activities from the National and State level all the way down to local County and City level. Together we can hold elected officials at all levels of government accountable. Which can bring on amazing change for the better! We will help you along the way by sharing your articles/post here on the website. We will also share them on Facebook! You may even be able to remain somewhat anonymous if you wish. We want you all to join and post whether you can only post once a year or you can post once a day, all are welcome! To check out and join the group click here!