Cowardly Republican Senate Bill Won’t Stop Walz’s Executive Orders.

The Minnesota Senate today is debating SF4511 which Minnesota Senate Republicans are pushing. The bill would not end Governor Walz’s stay at home order or shutdown order. Instead the bill would allow businesses to reopen if they follow the ever changing bureaucratic guidelines set forth by the Walz administration.

This bill is just another example of Minnesota’s establishment republicans cowering in fear and compromising our rights away. They are saying you can only reopen your business if you follow Governor Walz’s rules! They don’t think you should have the freedom to choose how to handle your business!

The bill would also do nothing to address the stay at home order or even activities like camping.

It’s also important to note that this bill would have to pass the house and get signed by Governor Walz which is doubtful.

The only way to stop Governor Walz’s executive orders is through resolutions in the house and senate. A resolution would not need the Governors signature to take affect. There have been two attempts in the Minnesota House to pass the resolution both have failed. However, the senate republicans have not even made one attempt.

It’s time we tell the establishment republicans in the Minnesota senate to actually try to do something! Stop comprising our freedoms away! Now is not the time to cower! Even if the resolutions fail they need to be attempted. Do they really want to be considered collaborators, because at this rate that’s how history will remember them.

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Are you okay Amy?

During the Democratic debate last night Senator Amy Klobuchar was seen shaking on stage.

That leads us to ask are you okay? Drink to much coffee? Or maybe your nervous, because you know the your constituents back here in Minnesota aren’t happy with you.

We should all check in on the Senator to make sure she is okay. While we are at it let her know she is letting us down with her failure to help support mining in northern Minnesota.

You could also speak with her about her failure to help secure our border.

There are so many issues that could be brought up that we won’t list them all, but let’s show her we are concerned about her and what she is doing.

Contact Senator Amy Klobuchar here.

Senator Klobuchar Secure Our Borders!

“Protecting our nation from those who would do us harm is the first and most important responsibility of Congress.”

This is the opening statement on Senator Klobuchar’s web site under National Security. However, when you read further no where does she support securing our southern border.

During the government shutdown she has expressed great concern for affected government workers. But where are the concerns for border patrol employees? These patriots put their lives on the line to keep our country safe. The have requested a wall, and more tools to do their jobs. But Senator Klobuchar ignores them.

She is a denier of the problems on our border!

Politely contact Senator Klobuchar, and ask her to support securing our southern border by supporting our President and the government workers on the southern border. Instead of cherry picking which government employees she supports. 

You can email her from the contact form on her web site or call one of her offices. 

Google Embraces Evil! Leak Documents Reveal!

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Leaked documents have revealed that google is planing to release a censored search engine in China.  The engine with censor topics like human rights, religion, democracy, and many more topics.  Also blacklisting all websites labeled a threat by the oppressive communist regime.

The main question is will this evil act of censorship stay in China or will it come to our shores?  Google has already been caught censoring in the US during the 2016 presidential election.  Could they be planning major censorship ahead of the 2018 midterms?  We all must stay vigilant, and expose any censorship that does occur.

More information on the the project code named “Dragonfly” can be found below.

Google project dragonfly.

The Intercept broke the story after after receiving a tip from someone familiar with the plans, and were given the documents.

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Tina Smith Is The Abortion Senator

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

The Dayton appointed U.S. Senator Tina Smith was a former vice president of external affairs for Planned Parenthood.  In other words she was the top Planned Parenthood lobbyist in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

During her time with Planned Parenthood and running her own public relations firm.  She lobbied against informed consent laws for mothers and one-day waiting periods for abortions.

While at her position, Planned Parenthood was Minnesota’s abortion leader, aborting ten unborn children per day.

Planned Parenthood continues to show there love for Tina Smith by writing articles like this. They say nothing of substance in the article expect for this

“She’s the highest ranking former Planned Parenthood executive in U.S. politics”.

You can read the article for yourself below.

Six Things You Should Know About U.S. Senator Tina Smith

Tina Smith continues to support the killing of the unborn, and recently her former employer has been caught selling body parts and tissue.

We will continue working on exposing Tina Smith and all others who threaten the lives and liberties of all Minnesotans, and Americans.

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People Are Leaving The Democrat Plantation.

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

Many are finally fed up with the lies of the Democratic Party, and are leaving.  The #walkaway movement is gaining speed.  Which must be making the Democrats fear the that red wave cannot be stopped.

There are way to many tweets to list thousands of them in fact.  There is a great awakening happening in this country.

Find more Tweets here!

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Child’s Charity Lemonade Stand Shut Down For Lack Of Permit

By: Thomas Haler (Minnesota Free State)

In Denver, Colorado a pair of brothers set up a lemonade stand in hopes of raising money for an impoverished boy in Indonesia. However, the boys were shut down early due to their lack of a permit which cost $125 per day.  The boys were set up outside a local art festival.  Which had a lemonade vendor inside selling it at a price of $7 a cup compared to the boys at 2 for $1.  The mother said someone complained about the boy’s stand.  Which got the police involved, it appears that who ever called isn’t a fan of competition.  The mother of the boys is also quoted by CBS 4 in Denver saying that the day wasn’t a complete loss.  They made about $200 before the police arrived.


Country Time Lemonade will now be paying fines and permits for kids lemonade stands.  The company will cover the cost up to $300 for stands that were fined in 2017 or 2018 or for permits bought this year.

More info on Country Times program found here.

To read more on the subject click here.

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