Polar Vortex Hits. Renewables Fail.

With the sun setting on the coldest day in decades solar panels stopped generating just as the evening electricity peak was ramping up. Raising one falsity that solar aligns with electric system peaks. But what about wind?

When it comes to renewables, wind is king. Well there really wasn’t any wind generation.

According to the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) at 6pm wind was only supplying 3.30% of the needed electric supply.

So, what was keeping our pipes from freezing; fossil fuels (80.75%). Coal generation was 48.74% and natural gas was 32.01%.

Thank you traditional energy sources!

What do Democrats in the Minnesota Legislature think of that?

They don’t think we have enough renewable energy and propose increasing the state’s renewable energy standards from 25% – 30% to 80% – 85%.

How do you think that will work out?

Senator Klobuchar Secure Our Borders!

“Protecting our nation from those who would do us harm is the first and most important responsibility of Congress.”

This is the opening statement on Senator Klobuchar’s web site under National Security. However, when you read further no where does she support securing our southern border.

During the government shutdown she has expressed great concern for affected government workers. But where are the concerns for border patrol employees? These patriots put their lives on the line to keep our country safe. The have requested a wall, and more tools to do their jobs. But Senator Klobuchar ignores them.

She is a denier of the problems on our border!

Politely contact Senator Klobuchar, and ask her to support securing our southern border by supporting our President and the government workers on the southern border. Instead of cherry picking which government employees she supports. 

You can email her from the contact form on her web site or call one of her offices.